TM44 Energy Assessments

A TM44 air conditioning energy inspection allows your organisation to comply with the European Directive legislation in the United Kingdom.

The legislation explains that any organisation with a total sum of 12kw or more of cooling, which is over 5 years old, will need to have an energy assessment completed (this legislation was introduced in 2011). An assessment is required every 5 years.

The aims of the inspection are to:


Compliance Report

The 'Compliance' report consists of a visual inspection of the Air Conditioning plant.

Prices are inclusive of a Compliance Report and Certificate (PDF electronic mail format only, hard copies available at further cost) and Report & Certificate filling on the Landmark Register.

Report to include; Executive Summary, Sub System Efficiency, Capacity & Cooling loads, Improvement Options, Alternative Solutions and Key Recommendations.

Energy Assessments | Concept (ACR)

Enhanced Reports

These include all of the above plus:

  •   Projection of operating costs per individual system.
  •   Projection of the operating costs for total site.
  •   Projection of savings gained per recommendation.
  •   Energy label & EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and ESEER table.
  •   F-gas and refrigerant tables.
  •   Equipment sizing table.
  •   Occupancy hours versus time schedule wastage.
  •   Standard of maintenance overview table.
  •   Site photographs.
  •   Full asset list.
Energy Assessments | Concept (ACR)

Please contact us if you require a TM44 energy inspection carrying out.